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Q. Did Bliss ever release any more albums other than "LovePrayer" & "A Change In The Weather" ?
A. No - what a shame ! They only ever did two albums before they disbanded.
One of those 'fallen from grace' bands.

Q. What are they doing now ?
A. Rachel Morrison went on to become a solo artist with Tom E. Morrison (her husband)
They teamed up with various backing musicians, and played lots & lots of trendy gigs.
All the live recordings are SUPERB and some of the best live singing I've ever heard.
Some great songs like 'Promise', 'Guiding Star', 'Mr Universe', 'Sea Of Love' are out of this world !

Now formed a dance duo called 'Meeker' and have released 2 singles, "Save Me" & "Mountains" which has received critical acclaim.

*** Their studio Album is due to be released very soon, and a run of live gigs will be going ahead in the very near future.

Q. Is it possible to buy any other performances of Rachel's solo music ?
A. As far as I know, there are only 2 official releases of her live solo performances on CD.

The live albums were recorded & released in Germany, and you should be able to obtain them from one of the sites listed below :- (Germany)
(World Of Music - website)

Type in: Rachel Morrison into the SCHNELLSUCHE entry field (at the top left), and then press GO
Click on the MIT HÖRPROBE text (underneath the CD picture) to here RealPlayer audio samples of all
of the songs from 'Rachel Morrison - Live album'.

Q. Where can I obtain Bliss singles & CDs ?
A. If you want to get hold of any of their records, they are rather rare at the moment.
You could try Esprit records, GEMM, CDEurope or similar mail-order outfits.
Try also looking in Record Collector magazine - for the 7" & 12" singles

Q. Where can I obtain Meeker singles & CDs ?

Below is a list of web sites that you can look to buy Meeker CDs & 12" records ...

Alternatively if you still can't find their records from any of the above dealers,
try searching for "meeker dance records" at

Q. Where is Rachel Morrison from originally ?
A. Rachel was born in Leeds, England - 18th March

Q. Are there any official Web-sites for the band ?
A. No - not that I know of or anyone else on the Web.
But there is a new site for Meeker at

Q. Is there an address fan club address ?
A. The VERY OLD fan club/management address was :-

Blissful Information
P.O. Box 337
W5 4X6

Blissful Information
P.O. Box 21
SW11 4LJ

Q. Is there an address for Rachel Morrison's management ?
A. Management address - Bliss

Chris Hearn (in association with)
19 Management Ltd
Unit 32
Ransomes Dock
35-37 Parkgate Road
SW11 4NP

Management (1996)
Geoff Jukes
Jukes Productions Ltd
63 Sutherland Avenue or 330 Harrow Road
London London
W9 2HF W9 2HP

Tel: 0171-286-9532 (same number ?)
Fax: 0171-286-4739

Rachel Morrison's new information contact address:

For more information please send 2 DM (Deutschmarks) to:

Anderland (Studios)
Siemenstrasse 18
35394 Giessen

Phone: int-641-75204
Facsimile: int-641-72214

Management (Germany):

Axel Bennewitz
Knöbelstrasse 6a,
80538 München

Phone: int-89-2916-1601
Fax: int-89-2916-1602

Rachel is managed by TOP:TWENTY. Email them from here

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