Hinterland Fan Club Address: (last response I got was Dec 92)

23 Temple Cottages
Dublin 7

Hinterland Information:

Hibernia House
52 Dame St
Dublin 2

Kieran Owens

Email to: Donal Coghlan himself !! Joed@indigo.ie

Donal has recently setup a brief website detailing the history of Hinterland
which was last updated on 17th September, 1997, and can be found at ...

** Link here to Hinterland info page - run by Donal Coghlan **

Last News:-

Since their first & only album back in 1990. The only news I have is:-

Back in Dec 92, Gerry & Donal were very busy demoing songs for the
new album, and had written 32 (!!) new songs for a new album (!!).
This was scheduled for 1993 - but I don't believe ever materialised,
and it all went a bit quiet after that.

They were very busy touring, mainly in Ireland and Switzerland.
The Swiss Tour was particularly successful, and they had hoped to
return at the end of '93 taking in France & Germany possibly.


I met a record shop owner in Dublin who said his brother used to know the band well,
and he had heard that they had run up massive (just like their sound) recording-studio
costs, and did not have achieve commercial success, so the plug was probably pulled
by the record company. What a great pity !