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**** LATEST NEWS ****

I've had hundreds of heart-felt requests about this .... so here at last is info on the "Angel" song that has everyone seduced :-

Jerry has collaborated with Sally Herbert, a member of Brilliant Strings, recently completed co-writing and producing Jerry's

forthcoming album from which the song "Angel" features in "Crush" a film made by Film Four

starring Andie MacDowell. Still no release date on this unfortunately.

Good news is that the soundtrack has been published by Monument Music on the EMI label.

Catalog Number: 5357862 - Release date of 10-6-2002

This is not that easy to locate, but I managed to purchase a copy on-line

at HMV on-line store.




Jerry has a completed album in the can which a "fortune" has been spent on but the record company is "waiting for the right time" to release it!!!

Jerry sang a few live songs on stage at The Tron in 1999, "She Is Stone" and "Waiting For You", with The Bathers as backing group.

The recording of "Waiting for you" is a personal fave of Jerry's!


Jerry Burns has recently (1996) sung a gorgeous track on the soundtrack from the Miramax motion picture,
"Walking and Talking". Which also has several tracks by Billy Bragg. The track is called "Wings of Desire"
Jerry appears by arrangement with Sincere Management - so she's still around & singing !
Does this mean a new album is possibly forthcoming ?!

The CD can be obtained from TVT Records (Cat. No. TVT 8050-2).

*** See the Discography for the addresses to obtain this CD and the Jerry Burns CD ***

1998: Jerry has recently been helping on Craig Armstrong's new album "The Space Between Us"
who is another composer from Glasgow, along with Paul Buchanan of The Blue Nile.
I think she has co-wrote a superb new track with Craig called "This Love" where she herself
does not sing, the lead vocals being provided by Elisabeth Fraser of the Cocteau Twins.
The CD is available on the Virgin Records/Melankolic label, so I will email them to find
out if they or Craig has any more info on Jerry. This track also appears on the soundtrack for
the film 'Cruel Intentions'.

Craig Armstrong has worked with the likes of Massive Attack, Madonna and U2 and co-composed
the original score for the hit movie "Romeo and Juliet". His debut album is a sonic
masterpiece and includes Craig's interpretations of the Blue Niles's "Let's Go Out Tonight"
(with Paul Buchanan on vocals) plus "Balcony Scene" from "Romeo and Juliet".
"If you liked the 'Romeo and Juliet' score, you'll flip for this"
The Face / HMV - 1998

Band Members:

Jerry Burns - Vocals

Bobby Henry - Piano, Guitar & Keyboards
Bill Dillon - Guitar
Guy Pratt - Electric and Stand Up Bass
Andy Duncan - Percussion


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