Credits Page

Joel Billinton - who's been a busy bee ...

Donald Brooks-Smith - for all the much appreciated text scanning, OCR, moral support & joke-telling

Sound Engineers - at the Acoustic Room Mean Fiddler & The Splash Club for those superb live recordings !

Dave Marr - for all the updates & latest news

Neil King - for his brilliant FATEA music magazine

Nick King - for A Guy Called Gerald info

Skin Games - Blood Rush album

For their passion and patience,
thank you Stephen "The Cooler King" Hague and Dave Meegan.
For their love, support and encouragement,
Megan, Dick, Andrea and Tim, Val, Pete and Jenny,
Helen, Russell, all at 26, Denyse and Bill

All our friends
Especially Chris, Rob, Andy W (for the drama),
Nicky and Hannah, Roger, Sue, Lucy (this one's for you-Heavenblest)
Good old Percy St, Dave Marr, Greg and Jan, Dave 'The' Lewis,
Hi-fi, Pete, Richard in Leeds, Dilys, Andy, Lesley, Dave W,
Graham, Mop - The Aberdeen Clan, Julian, Neil, Simon F,
Martin G, Jim Williams, Mr Hunt, Cosi Greco, Tona, Annie R,
Mandy, Mark S, Geoff D, Paul K, David & Rob at Stylo.

Special thanks to Greg and Carolyne
Adam 'P.R.' Lee for his deft live fingers, Kris Kirk and Push.
Everyone at "The Lodge" in our lean winter, all at Advision,
Livingston, Jacobs & CBS Studios, Sound & Light especially
Jan, John, Mal, John R, Bitchin' Bruce, Jim, Les & Nick.
Thanks to Steve Hillage.
Epic and MCA.
Big thanks to the Skinnies.
For inspiration; our nine Muses, open and closed doors and
the Hydra that is Skin Games.

Tin Tin Out 'eleven to fly' album

Wendy would like to thank: Megan and Richard for sowing the seeds, my manager Debbie Swainson
and all at FRUIT, Neale, Richard and Sandra at Empire, Jeremy, Celia and Steve at Chrysalis Music.
To the Spirits that move and the words that keep flowing. Jim for your love and support, Cheryl
Robson for your faith (Go Girl!), "Diolch Yn Fawr" Lindsay and Darren for perfect moments at
Boundary Row and letting my star shine.

Billie 'Honey To The B' album

Bille says, Special Thanx 2

My music crew

Thankyou 4 making my album something I can be proud of - Cheryl Robson, my head of A&R,

Wendy Page and Jim Marr, my producers and writers,

Pete Craigie, my engineer and mixer, Yak Bondy, my progammer, Stephen, my assistant engineer,

Justine Cavanagh 4 co-ordinating the chaos, Sweet P 4 the rap 'stay sweet'.

You've all been the most inspirational and loving gang. Your music is fantastic, nice one and well done !


Billie 'Walk of Life' album

Bille says, "I'd like to thank Wendy, Jim and Yak for writing and producing such masterpieces.

Thanks for being so committed and passionate once again"

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