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Last Updated : August 9, 2001

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Wendy and Jim played a gig on Saturday night (28th July) at the Half Moon in Putney. They were playing a warm up gig for Womad with Chris Difford. This was all very last minute, so sorry, no time to tell you about it. It was a good gig. This was Wendy's first live appearence since Hyde Park. It certainly did'nt show as the band rocked up the old Squeeze classics mixed in with some new songs from Chris's forthcoming album. Songs that stood out where 'Bombay' .. 'Killer Lines' and 'Goodbye Girl'. For this gig, Jim dusted off his bass guitar. He showed little signs of rust and rocked as good as he did for Skin Games. Given the heat, the Half Moon was of course a sweat box. But it mattered little. The band played great. Wendy sang superbly along side Chris, breathing new life into the old songs, but it was really the new songs which got the best reception.

There have been some changes at East/West, Wendy's label. The result being that her album will be put back until the new year! Bad news I know. Things may change, If they do i'll let you know. some gig news..Wendy will be playing with Chris Difford, the ex Squeeze guy at the Womad festival on 29th July. Check the Womad website for more details. Oh, by the way Johnny is back in the UK at present ...

Sounds like Wendy & Jim might have some more free time, what with Billie saying she's gonna quit the music industry. Is the rumour true - or has she just had another bad night out with Mr. Evans ??

It looks like Warner Brothers are maybe in the process of setting up the 'official' WP site,
as I've found that the following domain names have recently been registered :-

Their new website will probably tie in with promoting her new solo album.
Watch this space ...

Wendy Page has recenly returned from Los Angeles, America where she has been in the studio

with Don Was the producer, adding the finishing touches to her new solo album


She said she was well 'chuffed' with the site and that she would be mailing fans
shortly about some upcoming solo gigs. So the music goes on !

I'll let you know any more details as soon as I find them out ...

Wendy and Jim have just completed producing and writing the 2nd Billie album "Walk Of Life",
A Guy Called Gerald's "Essence" album, Tin Tin Out's "Eleven To Fly" album,
and recently had the #1 single in the UK, "Perfect Moment" performed by Martine McCutcheon.

  • 2001

TBA - Wendy Page's 1st solo album due to be released real soon on East/West Records

July 2001
29th - Wendy will be playing with Chris Difford, the ex Squeeze guy at the Womad festival.

Apr 2001- Working with the Producer Don Was, on her new solo album in L.A.

  • 2000

Oct 2000 - Song-writing/Production/Backing vocals on Billie's "Walk Of Life" album

Aug 2000 - Song-writing/vocals on drum 'n' bass don A Guy Called Gerald's "Essence" album

  • 1999

Nov 1999 - Song-writing/vocals on Tin Tin Out's "Eleven To Fly" album
Touring in Europe with Tin Tin Out

July 1999 -Singing live with Tin Tin Out - Hyde Park, London

Apr 1999 - Wrote the brilliant "Perfect Moment" song for Martine McCutcheon

Mixing for S Club 7 on "S Club Party", "Bring It On Back", "Vivila Fiesta"

  • 1998

Oct 1998 - Song-writing/Production on Billie's "Honey To The B" album

  • 1997

Oct 1997 - Wendy appeared on Vanessa Mae's "Storm" album, backing Vocals / song-writing on "Embrasse Moi (You Fly Me Up)" track

June 1997 - Wendy sang vocals on the track"Distant God" under the pseudonym "Leone" on Asian beats fusionist and Mercury winner Talvin Singh's - Anokha "Soundz Of The Asian Underground" album.

  • 1996

Wendy toured with A Guy Called Gerald, at the European festivals and stuff in '96.

She toured Denmark, Spain and did all these incredible gigs with Blur and Iggy Pop playing as well.

Also played a gig at The Blue Note.


Cool single released - written by Colin Vearcombe of Black

I received a great email from a fan called GAYE, who is out in the Phillipines
and said that they had heard Wendy Page singing a song "Cool" on a local radio station
(on the Fresh Track Spotlight). They have kindly sent me a tape for me to hear it.
It is indeed a new track I believe and is now at number 4 in the charts out there !!
It sounds quite radio-friendly (which means guaranteed airplay & success as we all know)
Has anybody heard the track over here at all ? I have added the lyrics to the Wendy
solo lyrics section. And it is a real grower and everso catchy. Reminds me of Kate Bush.


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