Wendy Page - A biography
The "Whirling Dervish" from the Welsh valleys has mellowed out, and has
become even more irresistible, since her days as lead vocalist with the
brilliant and passionate "Skin Games". The beautiful ferocity still remains...

Wendy Page is a delicious pot-pourri of all the best female singer/songwriters
around today including Kate Bush, Mary Margaret O'Hara, Sinead O'Connor,
Elizabeth Frazer, Annie Lennox, Shakespear's Sister and Tori Amos.
She has skilfully encompassed them all into her phenomenal vocal range, and
without a doubt, she has one of the purest & most expressive voices we are
ever likely to experience.

Her songs are abundant with intelligent and poignant lyrical content, and
are sung with such beauty, and feeling - like poetry in motion.

On the spine-tingling and heartfelt "Big Me" track, she performs vocal
acrobatics that roam around in its sparse arrangement, soul searching with
a passionate cry deep from the heart.

With its melodic, rolling piano & bass-line, the song "Down By The River Side"
is sung with a sugary-sweet and resplendant lilt.

Ranging from songs like the endearing "Cry To The Moon" with its pleading,
passionate vocals to the deliciously exquisite "Ma Petite", with her
sensual and gorgeous singing, one can only begin to experience the many
wonders of Wendy.

The everso enchanting "Word Perfect", full of stunning melodies, is a pure
gem of a song, one that you wish would go on for eternity.

"Poor Little Rich Girl" opens with an ethereal, haunting "Clannad" - like
atmosphere, with her voice wafting high above in the clouds.
With its sweet soaring chorus, this is a totally captivating melodrama
that leaves the listener mesmerized.

The divine and glorious "City Of Angels" track is absolutely spell-binding,
and culminates in a howling swirl that will send shivers up your spine.

The unforgettable "Never Say Goodbye", has an aching and sparse sound that
The Blue Nile would be proud of. Its heartfelt composition is truly addictive
and precious, one that you will treasure within your heart forever.
One can imagine travelling across the vast open prairies, on a locomotive
pondering about a loved one. Not even U2 have attained such vivid imagery.

She is a modern day heroine offering solace & hope, and possesses an
unmistakable voice, that is a sensual and unpretentious instrument.
True musical talent is so rare these days.

You would be wise not to miss the breathtaking beauty of Wendy Page.