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Q. Did Skin Games ever release any more albums other than "The Blood Rush" ?
A. No - what a shame ! They only ever did one album which was a blinder.
They never really got a proper deal with Epic/CBS and that fell apart.
They tried for ages to get signed up elsewhere, but to no avail.
One of those 'fallen from grace' bands.

Q. Whatever happened to their superb guitarist, Jonny Willett ?
A. He left the band & composed the music for a few theatre shows in London,
and is now living out in Australia.

Q. What are they doing now ?

Check the latest news page for up to date information.
A. Wendy Page went on to become a solo artist with Jim Marr on Bass (her boyfriend)
they teamed up with various backing musicians, and played lots & lots of trendy gigs.
I taped 2 or 3 of them, off the sound-board and they are SUPERB - best live singing
I've ever heard from a female voice ever ! Some great songs like 'Word Perfect',
'City Of Angels', 'All Our Hearts', and 'Never Say Goodbye' especially.

The live band consisted of the following very talented guest musicians :-
Nick Lacey - Keyboards
Lol Ford - Guitar
Chuck Sabo - Drums

She tried to get signed up as a solo artist, but didn't have much luck at a time
when there were literally hundreds of female singer-songwriters, like Suzanne Vega, Alanis Morrisette,
Tori Amos, etc. that record companies had signed up. A real shame, as her voice & songs blow them away.
They haven't played any gigs for a year or two now, and I haven't really heard the latest.
I think the last gig she did was a jazz session at Harvey Nicholls - 5th floor restaurant.

Q. Is it possible to buy any of her solo music ?
A. As far as I know, there were never any official releases of her solo songs on vinyl or CD.
Though I have two very good live tapes that I can copy for anybody who is interested.
They are from the Acoustic Room (Mean Fiddler) & The Splash Club directly from the soundboard.

*** In the very near future I will be pressing the live tapes and demo songs onto CD (!!)
for anybody who is interested. Details available shortly...

Q. Where can I obtain Skin Games singles ?
A. If you want to get hold of any of their records, they are rather rare at the moment.
You could try Esprit records or similar mail-order outfits.
Check Record Collector magazine - for the 7" & 12" singles
Try Gemm Online searching (

I know a guy in the States who has a few copies of their one & only album "The Blood Rush" on CD.
They were $4.99 last time I checked- I got some great bargains !!

Email to:

Tony Walker was selling quite a few of their old singles - try sending him an email at:

Q. Where is Wendy Page from ?
A. Wendy Pygott was originally born in Sheffield, but only lived there for six months.
Her parents then moved to South Wales, to a little village called Llannon,
where Wendy lived for 16 years, so therefore she is the best thing to come out of Wales.
Dear Anne Robinson !

Q. Are there any official Web-sites for the band ?
A. No - not that I know of or anyone else on the Web.

Q. Is there an address fan club address ?
A. The VERY OLD fan club/management address was :-

Greg Lynn Management
PO Box 159
London SW18 5DX

Q. Is there an address for Wendy Page's management ?
A. Management address - Wendy Page (solo) - August '93 :-

Stephen Sasse
C.R. Management
83 Lancaster Road
London N4 4PL
Tel: 0171 272 9481
Fax: 0171 281 5679

* Wendy Page is now managed by Debbie Swainson at FRUiT.

* Wendy Page has now been signed by Libertine (East/West) Records.

Q. Were there any other fanzines produced ?
A. There was a superb fanzine "Fiction" written by 2 girls:

Rachel Tankard
15 Birkdale Avenue
North Yorkshire

Juliet Eckford
2 Stonesdale Close
North Yorkshire

Skin Games - Info Sheet

History in brief:

Skin Games formed proper in 1987. Wendy met bassist Jim in college
in 1982 but it wasn't until they moved to London that the
songwriting trio was complete. Jonny was auditioned in Brixton in 1985.

In March 1986 Skin Games signed to Epic Records and proceeded
to demo their songs. In the late autumn of that year they lost
drummer Chris Smith. Dave Innes joined the band in April 1987.

"Cowboy Joe" the first single was released in September 1987.
Skin Games played a live session for Janice Long's programme
on Radio One in November 1987. The session featured four tracks:
"Precious", "Public Life","Skin Games" and "No Criminal Mind".

Skin Games release a debut album "The Blood Rush" on 10th July 1989.

The next single "Tirade (Everything Must Change)" was released on
27th July 1989.

After the "Then Jerico" tour finished in May, Skin Games recorded
a live session for Nicky Campbell on Radio One. This was broadcast
on June 20th and 22nd and it featured "Your Luck's Changed",
"Brilliant Shining", "Where The Wild Things Are" and "Heaven Blessed"

Skin Games were listed to play two or three acoustic songs at the Philips
Roadshow in Cambridge on July 17th. This was broadcast live on
Hereward and Chiltern Radio.

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